Xero Accounting

What is Xero Accounting

Xero is an online accounting software for small business owners and their advisors. It provides a complete view of your financials by combining the anytime, anywhere accessibility of the cloud with an intuitive interface and connectivity to data sources like banks and apps. Xero has over 2.45 million subscribers across the globe and is the market leader in New Zealand, Australia, and the UK and expanding fast in Canada.  Small businesses on Xero who are connected to an advisor grow their net profit 23% faster than those who are going at it alone. And where only 51% of small businesses survive more than 5 years, 85% of those on Xero will still be around to celebrate their fifth birthday.

Awesome Features
  • Easier to Use  Xero is widely considered the easiest to use accounting software on the market and beautifully designed. It’s one of the main reasons we’re used by over 2.45 million small businesses and over 100,000 accountants & bookkeepers around the world.
  • Born in the Cloud Xero was born in the cloud in 2006 and is 100% cloud-based with an eye towards the future whereas our competitors have been forced to transition their desktop software business to the cloud. We delivered over 2600 updates to the program last year in 2017 – something our competitors just can’t keep up with.
  • Best-in-class partner tools. Xero helps our accounting partners do more in less time with bulk editing capabilities. Find & Recode and Cash Coding help you find and update 1000’s of transactions at once, saving hours or even days of clean-up Recode accounts, tax rates, contacts, and tracking categories.
  • Report Templates. Fully customizable templates for client reports that accountants can produce fast and use practice-wide, cutting reporting time by up to 50%.
  • Platform for accounting firms. Xero is not just software for tech savvy clients. Xero provides an efficient, repeatable way to serve y full spectrum of cleints. Having platform gives accountants tremendous advantages over a patchwork of messy non-integrated software. We have three general ledger products – Business Edition, Cashbook, and Ledger. Financial and management reports, Xero Workpapers, & Xero Practice Manager.
  • Re-imagined Bank Reconciliation. Xero intelligently auto-match bank transactions and allow  to create specialized bank rules to further improve accuracy and speed. There’s no need to wait for month-end bank statements – you reconcile at your convenience.
  • Integrated Payment Processing. Xero integrates with over 20 different payment processors, including Stripe, Square and Paypal.
  • Stronger Data Import/Export. Xero has far more options for importing/exporting data, including contacts, products, chart of accounts, bank statements, invoices, budgets and more.
  • Unlimited Users. Xero has no limits on the number of users so you can have unlimited collaboration. You don’t have to worry about your monthly bill increasing when you increase from 3 to 4 users or more.
  • Xero has more responsive support. 24/7 email-based support from our award-winning global customer experience team, phone call-backs when requested, video tutorials, and our online help.
  • Open Platform. Xero integrates with over 800 apps creating a true ecosystem to enable you to build best-of-breed solutions. This equates to 40,000 certified developers building apps on our platform across the globe. This allows us to deliver best in breed solutions not only from the back office, but to the front office as well. 
  • Stronger and more stable multi-currency. Xero has been a global company from the start so multi-currency has always been a key feature. Foreign exchange rates are updated hourly with our integration with, so you instantly know exactly how gains and losses are affecting your cashflow. 
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