What is a Lease to Own Financing?

Lease to own financing is a great alternative for traditional loans where credit analysis for risk mitigation is essential. This type of financing is budget-friendly and offers many benefits to those with medium to short term goals.

“You have the option to buy without the obligation to buy”

Benefits of Lease to Own Program:

The top benefits of lease to own options are flexibility, freedom and non-requirement of credit history to apply. Therefore lease to own financing option is available to anyone including those with poor or no credit history. Some other benefits include simpler application process with no upfront payment requirements.

How does it work?

For most entrepreneurs getting the most value of equipment is financially essential. In lease to own financing, you are making payments that then accumulate towards the final purchase price. Equipment is leased to a customer where at the end of the term, ownership is transferred in full as a lease-purchase to the renter.


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